Okay ladies and well groomed gentlemen, it's time to kick back after that long week of work you had to drag yourself through. Now for the rewards the fruits of your labor. You deserve it. Laughing yet? Well , hopefully before we are done here, you will be feeling all chummy, ready to relax and laugh. Even if you cant bring yourself to the point of hilarious choking laughter, at least you know what we have in mind.

Is it just me or does taking time out for yourself somehow always end up on the back burner? Well, putting yourself last has to stop once in a while. Why not start now with something that we all need to do more of? Faces and feet. Hold the lights, camera, and action please, at least until I get this Freeman Beautiful Clay Mask off my face. Yes, I'm in beauty mode right now and no it's not my first time. I've been using Freeman's products for what seems like forever. Just in case my faces and feet description needs more clarity, Clay Mask and Pedicures are what we need to do more of. From time to time, personal care on some level, is just necessary.

This clay mask goes on smooth, almost like your favorite lotion or body cream would. The smell is great too! Avocado and oatmeal may not sound like a perfect match for the dinner table, but its the perfect meal for starved, clogged, and oily skin. The ingredients will help to remove those skin barriers that cause those unwanted breakout. You know the ones you don't obsess about.

The fact that Freeman Avocado & Oatmeal Clay Mask contains tocopherol (vitamin E) is impressive, especially since many women consider vitamin E oil a last resort option for beautiful skin. Well no more. Rest assured when you rinse this particular Freeman Mask off, your skin will feel clean, smoother to touch. Not only on the surface either. Your toned, glowing skin will make you a repeat offender of this routine.

Since I took my shoes off for this post for comfort, I may as well remind you that my first encounter with Freeman Products was actually with their Barefoot Foot Scrub. You know for those DIY (do it yourself) pedicures. Even though I'm skipping the pedi today, mentally I'm having one right now. I could remember how my first time was. The gravel feeling or cold, creamy pumice foot scrub all over my feet. I could wait to scrub away that rough, dry skin and ease my feet like the container said. The container so cute, shaped like the toes on a foot.

Using it is very easy. All you have to do is apply, use a pumice stone, rinse, and you're done! Now, it's all in your face (this post). Therefore, you have more than enough reasons to buy in on these goodies.

Today Show Feeling Beautiful has the scoop on Travel Size Freeman Mask. Remember, girls and guys, taking time out to clean yourself up, by doing a little something extra, can make you feel new, refreshed, and more alive. If you already have your Freeman Avocado Clay Mask, neglect yourself no more.

For those of you who are planning to score your Freeman Products later, at Walgreens, I'm still not quite ready for my close up. In the mean time, we lots of time for make believe, before I put my face on.

Are you game? What's your imagination like these days and are you thinking faces and toes?

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