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Benefit Cosmetics is one of my favorite brands . Ever since I tried their Industrial Strength Boi---ing Concealer, I was convinced that their brand offered quality products that were effective for addressing my areas of concern. When I wrote a little goes a long way, I was being totally honest. Paying more upfront equates to more savings in the longterm. Those Boi---ing Concealers will last you for months. Verily I say unto you, try it and you will not be sorry you did!

I guess you can tell that I absolutely love this brand and I have something else that is equally as exciting to share. The brands latest launch has lots of shelf appeal, according to Beauty Packaging Magazine which celebrates brands from the outside in, always helping us to look at the packaging as a vital component of the product itself.

One of the things I always looked forward to when I worked as a Beauty Advisor was assembling displays within the Cosmetics Department. When new products arrived, the next step after receiving the shipments was merchandising them onto shelves/displays. I learned a lot because I had leeway and creative freedom when it came to organizing displays within our department. We could add in props to make new products look more attractive to consumers. A part of the process entailed coordinating products from other categories or even coordinating colors and signage. That is what made it fun and also competitive between Beauty Advisors.

When I looked at the design and packaging for Benefits Puff Off Eye Treatment, I immediately thought "Hot and Wrinkle free". That is just how I would have created the signage (including the price) to showcase the product. Then, I would have used my finishing touch (color coordinated gift bags) as props. With colored tissue paper poking out of the bags how could anyone resist taking a second look? If there is one thing I have learned, new Beauty Products always entice curiosity and lots of questions. If you are curious about how fascinating the packaging really is for Benefits Puff Off , let me explain. The cap of the dispensing mechanism is shaped like an iron, showing off the same design of an actual iron surface. This custom ironing tip is designed to provide an enhanced ability for consumers to correct imperfections like puffiness and creases. When I apply any type of eye treatment I always stroke from the inner depths of the eye to the outer, stroking the area where cows feet develops. Even the cap emulates the iron shaped design.

I can not wait to try this product! According to mySkin, putting the power in the hands of the consumer is what will help them truly realize the benefits of using at home treatments. At home treatments are usually soothing and financially beneficial to consumers who want to avoid more invasive treatments like Juvederm Voluma XC. If premium products can keep us away from hyaluronic acid fillers and the $1000 price tag that goes along with it, then I'm all in.

Do you love looking at the displays and signage, showing off your favorite products and what type of application designs influence your purchases?

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