Double Duty Divas is always keeping us on top of the beauty and technology products that are trending and changing the way we live, work, and play. That change is in line with what we strive to do at Best Buy everyday, so we had to share this call for Being Girl Ambassadors! Here is the Media Blast which focuses on attracting Teens who are making an impact in their schools and communities. Here are the details you need to make signing up for Proctor & Gambles Being Girl Brand easier.  Remember a $100 Amazon Gift Card, 12 monthly mailers (products), and products from brands like Cover Girl and Venus are up for grabs! If you are not interested, get your daughters and nieces to sign up! Here are the Double Duty Diva details!

We have a few spots remaining for high school girls (age 13-18) to participate in a year-long ambassadorship for P&G's BeingGirl brand. This is a social media ambassadorship only. The participant nor their mom are required to have a blog. Absolutely no blogging is required. Here is a quick rundown of what BeingGirl is looking for: Teen girls, attending high school, who have a positive voice in their schools, communities, and with their friends Ages 13-18 Girls should be active on social media and have 350+ followers/friends on Twitter and/or Facebook on their OWN social media account. The brand would prefer them to be active on both, and we will not accept teens that use their parents' social media accounts. Clean, family friendly social media feeds (i.e.: no profanity) Participants may be required to take part in a Skype interview before being chosen Must have parental/guardian permission to participate Do you know a teen who fits the criteria? Apply now or feel free to spread the word about this fun project. This opportunity would look fantastic on a college application!

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Photo Credit: Double Duty Divas