Building a reputation as a trusted voice in the Beauty Industry can happen in many ways. Working as a Beauty Advisor for so many years helped me to build a healthy love for retail and products and services in general. Abornewords has given me a way to share so many great products with my readers and has also helped me to continue to share my expertise and build a digital reputation. The next level could mean participating in conferences, seminars, or who knows what else. Sometimes it's all about collaborations or just having some vision or direction and knowing how to execute effectively.

Maria Dempsey (Vice President of Marketing (Clarins), Agnes Landau (Senior Vice President of Global Marketing (Clinique), and Karen Langan (Vice President of Global Marketing (Elizabeth Arden) are responsible for selling out this Harmonie event. Cosmetic Executive Women has so many great resources available for Beauty Industry Professionals. They are always having events (sometimes their members only). It may be just the thing to catapult you forward in your career. Like to travel? It's easy to find out how you can be a part of the festivities taking place all year long with CEW. What are you waiting for?