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Dana Hirst Entrepreneur & CEO of Savage Siren Bath & Body Products

"If you understand what people (friends, family, as well as your digital audience) ultimately want and need, you and your enterprise will be better off for it" at least that is what Editor-In-Chief, of Website Magazine Peter Prestipino is telling us all to remember 10 years in doing print and Digital Publishing.

I had to understand that concept as a Beauty Advisor and still now as a Customer Service and Service Associate working in Retail. Identifying wants, needs, problems, or more clearly, areas of concern is a first step in a Customer Service Interaction of any kind. Though listening and being observant is a huge part of it too, all things have to work cohesively to produce the right options/recommendations.

Dana Hirst, a local Entrepreneur and CEO of Savage Siren seems to believe she has things figured out, when it comes to attracting her clientele and knowing what they want. The all natural products she shows every Friday in the Eau Gallie Arts District here in Melbourne are really attracting the right type of clientele. Near the Foosner Museum is where you will find her on a weekly basis, setting up her displays of perfectly packaged products. EGAD (Eau Gallie Arts District) is where our interview took place and Dana Hirst credited the Savage Siren name to her love for mermaids.

That alone was very intriguing for me to hear and I thought about love and the ocean. I am very interested in representing the Savage Siren Brand and though nothing is final, I hope that I will be in the running when Hirst is ready to move to the next level of promotion using Blogs to create even more awareness about her Beauty, Bath & Body Products. After recently adding Kohl Eyeliner to her product inventory and scoring a display spot at EnVogue, a local Salon, I would say she is definitely on track to really make her mark in the Beauty Industry. Besides being grateful that she was humble enough to speak with me, I was even more thrilled to get a heads up on the EnVogue Salon where her display sits front and center for everyone to see. Here is a look into Dana's Beauty, Bath, and Body World.




Casey Gannon is Coordinator & Manager of EnVogue Salon