DJ Kiss gets major points from us here at Abornewords. First for entering a career that was once considered predominately a male art form ____ a female DJ who, by the way, appears regularly on Good Morning America. Take a look at this fearless chic, wearing leather at a Whitney Art Party sponsored by Brand Mara Max.

We featured her recently in our link section showing off her love for Nars, in a dim lit swirl of party lights because we could not pass up a chance to show you how beauty and music were connecting, yet again. Now our eyes are turned to Max Mara, a fashion brand who seems to have a knack for using creative ways to include the style of all women, in the mix of their lookbooks. They did it first with their Resort Collection. Take a look at one of our favorite looks.  The look is very clean with the skirt landing perfectly at the knee and dressing the look down with the cool, solid colored hat was genius. A perfect look for a Resort Stay. I splurged and stayed at Disney's All Star Sports Resort, after getting a nice discount and I can tell you that loose, cool clothing are just perfect for that environment. The experience of being in a cozy, comfortable room with colorful walls and decor to match, is something that I look forward to doing again very soon. My outfit choices were long and loose. My best memory is the service. Do not disturb, at Disney, means do not disturb. Their Guest Service is exceptional.   They take it seriously enough to go all out by never entering your room.  No knocks or anything.  Then to top it all off, you receive a personal phone call from a Guest Services Rep, inquiring  about your needs.  Do you need fresh towels or cleaning services?  No problem, you can schedule drop off and cleaning services at a time convenient for you.

The over the top Sporting  Displays on the grounds and ginormous images of sports greats like Serena Williams, among others, is something that will catch your eyes immediately. Entertainment is plenteous!  Think movies for your viewing pleasure, poolside. If you want to sit there fully dressed with the kids and hubby or alone, you won't feel out of place, at all. People are walking about and being entertained by the scenery every step of the way with drinks in hand and smiles on their faces.

Here is another look from Max Mara's Spring/Summer Campaign that proves they're keeping the very different fashion choices of women in mind. I loved the way the head scarfs are used to keep the attention on the clothing and wonderful simple makeup job worn by these models. Major points! Just in case you missed our feature (the second reason she gets major points) of DJ Kiss, and her smooth brush strokes. Here's the video showing off one of the limited edition palettes.

Tell us how you feel about females being DJ's and then share your vacation/getaway outfits with us. We would love to read your responses and also get a look at your fashion style and cool eye makeup looks.