The drugstore has always been the most popular place for women to shop for hair color. If you ask the average customer why the drugstore is a preferred location for hair color purchases, you will probably hear the words quick, convenient, and privacy come from the mouths of many of those involved in your random survey.

Contrary to popular belief, The appearance of gray hair is not the only reason women choose to apply color to their hair. There are other reasons coloring is beneficial, especially for women who avoid harmful chemicals that process and straighten the hair. Hair color helps to relieve brittleness and also the frizzies, showing off a shiner appearance, depending on the color choice. Another common reason women begin to color their hair is to change their overall appearance.

  • Cosmetic Executive Women revealed the finalist on their website for the 2013 Beauty Insiders Choice Awards. Here are 4 drugstore finds that you'll love from the Hair Coloring Category competing for the award

1. Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color
2. John Frieda Precision Foam Color Salon Blends
3. Loreal Paris Healthy Look Creme Gloss Color
4. Vidal Sasson Pro Series Permanent At Home Color Kit

The Beauty Insiders Choice Awards takes place annually.  Approximately 5000 Beauty Industry Experts and Professionals choose many of your favorite product winners.  The winners by category will be revealed at the Beauty Insiders Choice Awards Luncheon held at the Waldorf Astoria on May 17, 2013.  Cocktails will be served prior to the Luncheon Awards Ceremony.

Tables that seat up to 10 people can go for as much as $11,500. Individual tickets are also available for purchase. What a way to network with Brand Representatives and it is also a wonderful opportunity to get your product in the spotlight. You can find out more details about events and what he benefits of an annual membership can mean for you can check out the CEW Website.