Quite a few of my favorite Celebrities have sealed the deal recently, for what I believe will be a lifetime. Kanye West got Kim and Rapper Eve got Maxamillion. Here are a couple of our favorite photos of the two couples.

They made their love connections and we bless their unions here at Abornewords.

Now it's your turn to unite with your love. Let's claim this now! Everything will happen perfectly in sequential order on your Wedding Day! No anxiety, no mess ups, no forgotten vows, and no wardrobe malfunctions, no menu mess ups will put cloud of doom on your special day. You may be preoccupied with ensuring all the details surrounding your Wedding Day are in order and put less attention on you and your look. According to one Beauty Director offering tips on Beauty dot com you could be making a grave mistake. You need to ensure that you are confident about your look from head to toe. Your facial visuals are where we will put most of the focus for now. Your gown is fabulous enough for the runway, according to your standards and your shoes have passed model walk test that Naomi would approve of. In order for you to show off your something new right, you need to make sure your face stands up to the test of time.  The best thing that can happen to you, according to Beauty dot com contributor, Romy Soleimani is the right products. You already have the man, so consider these reccommendations to get your wedding look right

  • Smash Box Photo Finish Shadow Prime 
  •  Laura Geller Beauty Spackly Super Chared Fortifier Make Primer 
  • Jouer Luminizing Moisturizing Tinted Bronzer 
  • Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream 

    The Beauty Director thinks that you should be concerned and extra attentive to your under eye area, recommending liquid and powder concealers to achieve eye perfection. Here is an item picked as a favorite by Abornewords. It's listed under the Love Struck Eyes category. 

  • The Creamy Glow Duo from Kevin Aucoin in (Pravella Janelle

Over doing it with your cheeks is certainly a mistake you dont want to make on your big day. You can opt [y draw attention to your lips instead. Your favorite lipstick or a variation of it will work perfectly. One of the best tips for your lips is exfoliation. Using a toothbrush and Vasoline is an age old inexpensive trick to use on your lips. Except this is your special day and we have a special product to present to you. It's called Pout-O-Matic from Bliss. It's only $48.00. You are worth it everyday! For more suggestions shared by Romy on eyes, lips, and nails, go here.