Tyra Banks is doing big things with her new Cosmetics Line so being the head honcho of America's Next Top Model is not the only way she is making her Super Model Image work to her benefit. Presence is something Tyra definitely has and before I tell you how she used poetry to express her feelings, you need to see her for yourself. Watch the video below.

Tyra Banks is also a published Author who did not mind doing a poem laying flat on her back like Tookie De La Creme, a character in her book called Modelland. In the poem, Tyra chants Matthew McConaughey and says "you so fine" midway through the poem, sounding playful, flirty and fun. Her poem made me think of something I read on Glamours Sex and Relationships Blog which listed "the crush you'd never admit" as number 10 on a list of 12 crushes a girl will have in her lifetime and I also thought about Tookie De La Creme, a character in Modelland who was craving attention. Tyra called the fictional character a Forgetta Girl. Tookie wanted attention; nobody paid her any so she laid flat on her back, at the B3 Institute where she attended school, hoping that someone would notice her for once in what seemed to be a pathetic existence. Tookie's inability to properly express herself, left her with few friends and clinging to an object that made her feel closer to Theophilus, a guy character in Modelland who she was crushing on.

A Collection Of Ghazals (poems) on prayer and faith

The need for closeness lead Tookie on a path that ended with her digging in the trash. I wondered if Tyra is using the poem to get the Lincoln Ambassador's attention because she secretly wants to date him. After seeing news of Tyra's New Lipstick Collection called Baby Got Matte, I realized that Tyra Banks may be strategizing and using her fun and flirty poem, including McConaughey's name to promote her lipsticks. If you are still wondering how to use poetry to express yourself like Tyra Banks, just say what you feel and connect it to the products you love and have fun. Someone will notice you when you least expect it. That's all. Kudos...