December 1st officially made Movember come to an end for all the wonderful male who went into no shave mode, recognizing and participating in events to create awareness for Male Health Issues. Testicular Cancer, Prostrate Cancer, and Mental Health Awareness were the focus of the hairy cause.

Those are all the issues that may not be comfortable topics to discuss round table but the health benefits and preventative measures that could save a life often are the result of early detection.

Since Movember was posted on our Community Bulletin Board at Best Buy, many employees participated and walked around with a face full of scruffy hair or an unshaped beard, all through November (Movember). Here at Abornewords, we believe that the guys who participated have a reason to be proud so we want to share a great product set called The Art Of Shaving 4 Elements Of The Perfect Shave.

Theses unscented products will not make your guy feel like he is bieng taken from handsome to pretty like some beauty products do.

The set seems like a perfect reward for all my guy readers. Ladies we are hoping you think so too! Who does not want to look upon a well groomed man and get a little of the credit for helping him to look his best. To all the men and their families who became a little more aware in the month of November, we thank you for supporting a good cause and also for calling attention to Male Health and Wellness. Everytime you participate, you are confirming that male health issues are just as important as female ones.

Tell us if a shaving kit is to much of a typical gift and then tell us what gift you think is ideal.

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