Rubies & Reds

The Kate Moss Rimmel Lipsticks are so official now that it almost seems like this post is way past due. Designed by Moss herself, they are all love. These Rubies & Reds will make you feel right at home with your look. There will be no need to second guess whether or not you got it right. Reds seem to be growing on Kate Moss. We will not go as far as saying: red is her signature color, but we will say that she could be on the verge of a Christina Aguilera .  Even though that sounds like a heart attack in the making, it is really just our uniquinlay of describing the beautiful reds offered by the Rimmel Brand, covered in the finishing touches of Kate Moss. She just looks so dreamy in the advertisement

The Smokey Finish Layering Stick is the greatest attraction for women who love to play around with changing lip colors. Before Cover Girl came out with their blasts-flip stick blendable duos, women were already experimenting with creating lip illusions. Using two shades can spice up a look, and Rimmel's answer to the duo trend offers variety by including the Smokey Finish Layering Shade #15. It actual makes doing lip color seem more playful. The shade contains a Black Diamond Pigment Complex that sparkles. Adding the shade will help you to look your best for at least 8 hours.