Before we get into the deets (details), let's explore the idea of seasonal products and how to determine if your bronzer needs to be categorized as a summer only product.

Tarte's Beauty Brand is one that I have used and found to be very effective for what I need throughout the year. Using products that are considered seasonal is totally up to the individual user and will depend on your own beauty needs and routine norms. There are bronzers that provide more of a glow and leave a shimmery effect. While that may work well in summer for beach outings and picnics, you may want to shy away from the glow effect for those times when you want a matte look. Therefore, it might be a good idea to categorize bronzers with a shiner appearance as Summer Products.

Tarte's Amazonian Clay Matte Waterproof Bronzer will not leave you glowing like a glitter ball but will provide you with a natural flawless looking finish. I have championed that particular Tarte Bronzer on Abornewords and in Social Media too.

Now, let's get your attention on Tarte's newest!

Best In Faux lash extending fibers are designed to help build voluminous lashes. That means you may be able to save lots of money. Let's declare, no more lash extensions!

You will not be using these faux fibers alone, you will still need to use mascara. Tarte offers Lignts, Camera, Lashes, a product that was actually featured on The Dr. Oz Show. The process to longer and more voluminous looking lashes is eash as 1,2,3. You prep, extend and coat. It's just that easy. Is this a product that you want to try? Have you been using lash extensions? Are you a natural girl and only use mascara? What ever the case may be, we want to hear from you and see your amazing photos. Add them in the comment section or on the Abornewords Facebook Page and show us how you glamour up and flash your lash! Use the hashtag #flashyourlash.

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