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We shared information about with you to inform you of another cool way other than the Viacom Community to score free products and gift cards, without having to make purchases or use rewards. The classic brand Caress has been around forever and innovation is what is keeping it fresh in the minds of consumers. The scent of the brands wonderful soap has always made women want to caress before they dress. I'll admit that it has been some time since I used Caress but recently and Unilever gave me a reason to make Caress a regular part of my routine.

Lucky for me, my new full size Caress Fine Fragrance Body Wash arrived, from Poshly, at the time of the month when staying fresh is most difficult and even more important. The new Fragrance Touch Technology works to release burst of perfume for up to 12 hours so that extending the fragrance is easy.  Layering with powder is unnecessary.  Caress did not let me down either.  In fact, it only took me a couple of days to decide to use Caress every month during my monthly cycle and at least for a few more days during the month.  You may be thinking, why not use it all month?  Well, I want to treat this like I would treat a Spa Day or the way I do my facials.  Those are things that I would not indulge in everyday but I would do them at regular intervals.

Now, back to the benefits of Caress Fine Fragrance.  I noticed that I not only perspired less, down there but the smell of blood was totally  alleviated when I used the toilet, for the rest of the day.  I was so pleased that I did not have to use feminine wipes and powder to freshen up.  From here on out, I'm hooked!  Dryness is another issue I struggle with too.  After using this product, my skin felt softer and more smooth.  My showers are going to be more rewarding when I use Caress and I will dread that time of the month a little less now.  Get your loofahs ready ladies and gentlemen because this one will win you over. This is my own personal experience with this product.

Unilever purchased the Camay and Zest Brand from Proctor & Gamble, outside of North America (US). The company's goal is to strengthen their position in the personal care industry.  

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