Take a look at Mommy Vanessa pictured standing next to New Orleans Rapper Nice Gunz. Apparently, she recently changed up her look, getting a Pixie Cut.

No, you can't actually see it in that photo. See doesn't appear to eager to show off her new hairdo either. The reason for her apprehension is probably due to the drastic change. We are assuming that she is still trying to warm up to the style. Going from shoulder length to pixie is quite the change, especially for women of color. Believe it! When most women decide to grow their hair out, they usually obsess over it before choosing to take the scissors to it. The downside to going chop chop is adjusting after the hair goes falling. Women sometimes struggle in the aftermath and hiding their new do could be part of the process.
Here are a few positive things to look forward to once you go shorter.
1. Less maintenance
2. Wake up, brush, tease, and go
3. Frames the face better
4. Makes you look younger
5. Shows off your cute cheeks
6. Easier styles
7. Good foundation to create new looks

Take a look at Mommy Vanessa's Pixie Cut and smiley face, after she starts to warm up to her new look.

We don't know what made Mommy Vanessa opt for a new, shorter hairdo but we like her Pixie Cut. Some famous faces that you may know that look great with a Pixie Cut are Angela Bassett and Halle Berry. Angela Bassett is even showing off cute hair in her new movie called White Bird In A Blizzard. The movies plot is centered around a young woman who's life turns upside down when her Mother goes missing. Checkout the trailer below. Bassett plays the role of Dr. Thaler. The movie's plot is centered around a young woman who's life is turned upside down after her Mother goes missing.

Do you like Mommy Vanessa's new pixie cut?  Are you planning to go see Angela Bassett's new movie?  It's due in January 2014.