So Nail Catty

In an industry to preoccupied with the miles and methods leading to beauty, the look of girls and women becomes the focus of attention sooner than later. A mothers quest, to beautify her clan, often starts with dolling up her girl(s). For growing infants, bows, barettes, and ribbons placed in the hair, included on clothes, or adorning the shoes, is the first beauty phase of preparation for girls.

The beginning of the beauty file starts there. How it continues and where it goes from there does not surprise most females. As girls continue to grow, files are added when new ways to primp are introduced at different stages, during development.

The quickest way to cute, after ear piercings for most, is polishing the nails. The fact that it is not a costly luxury splurge only adds to its appeal. Since nail polish becomes a part of a girls beauty file so early, it is not surprising that sales continue to increase in drugstores, a place where women love to score the latest beauty must haves. Don't get me wrong, women love to shop beauty in Department Stores, like JC Penny's Sephora too, but Drugstores have long been a go to spot for beauty and hair color products. Revlon has introduced their new form of Magnetic Appeal with Star Attraction and the Revlon Nail Art Expressionist shades, showing off Pop Art Colors, are great too. Lots of colors are ready and available to help you bring in the spring season right! The way Revlon is choosing to present the Magnetic Colors is a smart Marketing Approach. "Get The Magnetic Effect" sounds very enticing, especially when coupled with Star Attraction.

Celebrity Lifestyles are an example of an over the top form of popularity. That's what makes the polish sound so attractive to some consumers. The ability to turn charisma into wealth is what makes some of the industry's biggest stars so attractive to advertisers. When you think star power, you can not help but think, rich and famous.

Revlon Star Attraction plays on that and also the idea of stars in the sky. The finished look of the Magnetic Style Print looks similar to the effect of a camera flash. Ladies, pose and smile but do not forget to hold up your hand like Revlon Beauty Emma Stone. Polish, pose, and smile!

Check out these tips from Celebrity makeup artist Meredith Baraf brought to you by Revlon.
Prima Creative has more nail glam for additional ideas. What are some of your favorite nail colors and are you feeling Revlons Magnetic?

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