Good Hair is what women live for. To prove it we will list a few popular phrases that you may have used at some point or heard in the wind.

  • Your hair is your beauty
  • More hair
  • Good hair styles can take you places unknown
  • If your hair ain't right, it messes up your whole look

Revlon has showed off many famous faces. Halle Berry, Emma Stone, and Olivia Wilde have all had a hand in making Revlon Products come to life for so many women. The beauty, the realness, and the Movie Star Touch are some of the essential ingredients that help women relate to the glamour of Revlon's product line. Revlon has teamed up with Marchesa to connect the Runway with beauty tools. The products are inspired by lace seen on the runway. For some reason, it seems like a good pair of pantyhose needs to be on the list along with these products. Their on fire.

Much of the excitement building over this aroma filled fragrance probably has more to do with Pizza being considered a comfort food. Still, you have to admit that your nose does follow the scent of a good smell. Demeter Pizza Fragrance is described as a pick me up fragrance that can be worn everyday and everywhere. An added bonus for your senses is the mozzarella cheese smell.

We have shown you 3 of our top 6 product picks expected to season 2014 real good. The other surprises are from Beauty Giant Rimmel London, John Frieda, and Kiss.

Rita Ora is working with Rimmel to produce nail color and lipsticks. Keep your eyes and ears open because their market life is short lived. It's a limited edition. The Color Refreshing Hair Gloss from John Frieda is needed. After all, women worry just as much about having shiny, silky hair as they do about minimizing damage. Our sixth product is the Kiss Gel Fantasy Nail Application. The idea of skipping a day at the nail shop and actually pulling off a DIY (do it yourself) means you will in fact be doing just what the brand suggest, bringing the salon home. It's a great way to remove all of the noise from your life. Who can resist quiet time at home that involves pampering yourself. Go mani's and pedi's! You will be able to find these products at your local Drugstore, so be on the look out.  All of these products will hit store shelves in January and February.

Source: Style Bistro