Snapchat is so popular among millennials and they are known for spending lots of money on the things they love, Millennials love to experiment with new trends. One trend that seems to be catching on is extreme hair color and brands are finally taking notice and releasing new products.

    Photo Credit: Facebook

    Recently, I noticed a new line of hair color called Colorista, showing off many of the extremely bright hair colors millennials are rocking these days. As shown above, my Niece Kendricka could not resist the urge to show off her wild personality with extreme hair color.

    The Joico Brand released a video to show off how easy it is to use their InstaTint Hair Sprays, in various colors.

    In difference to Lo'reals Colorista semi-permanent hair colors, Joico's Insta Tint is a spray in hair color used to create highlights in various color shades. The Joico Brand took their promotional campaign to a new level by creating a musical video.

    The video models begin by talking about doing something different with their hair and after one model mentions InstaTint and that the color comes right out, the other girls are all in for a hair transformation. The video makes highlighting hair look easy but I think I would have used a frosting cap to complete the look.  That's all.  Kudos...