I belive in having all kinds of go to items, so that when one is unavailable or i just want change, I can turn to another and leave home looking my best. In my quest to purchase variety, I had to try out Benefit Cosmetics boi-ing Concealer. Watch the video demonstration for a quick example of one way boi-ing concealer can help. Truly it is more than what you want in a concealer and everything you need. I use Black Opal concealer too because changing beauty looks is important.

Working as a Beauty Advisor taught me a lot about showing my beauty range, adding in clothing and accessories to help build confidence between me and my customers was my extra something. It was always about looking the part and showing how much I believed in those products I sold came natural. My approach many times was being the reflection, showing the before and after, by doing.

When my customers would see how I looked from day to day, they would ask more questions and trust my expertise more. Instead of just talking about product features, I showed different looks and did not come off as pushy. In turn, they supported me by buying products for which I received commissions, in addition to my salary.

Trust me when I tell you,  this boi-ing Concealer from Benefit Cosmetics is good for the entire face; no foundation or pressed powder needed! You can breeze through those 5 minute makeup applications using boi-ing Concealer, to achieve that all so natural look. boi-ing will not give you a boring look and it is definitely another product you should have inside your make up bag! One last thing...It is also an industrial strength concealer; a little really does go a long way. Trust me!

Benefit Cosmetics