New Orleans Rapper Ayo PrincezZ

Blonde Hair has always been associated with fun and having a good time. Do blondes really have more fun and are they more fun than sayyyyyy brunettes, red heads, or carrot tops? Many will answer yes so critics who try to associate blondes with being stupid and clueless may have to rethink their position. Fun and having a good time is something that equates more with happiness than clueless and stupid. That's why the blonde shade will continue to be one of the most sort after colors on the market.

In the photo above, Ayo PrincezZ is showing off her version of Malibu Blonde Hair and looking pretty bombshell amazing doing so. The Wrong Nigg** Rapper is not the only Black Girl to wear the color well. Mary J. Bilge and Nene Leakes are two very familiar Celebrities who also rock a mean Malibu Blonde Hair Color, in perfect color formation. I know you are probably thinking Beyonce too. We excluded her from this sample of beauties because they share something that she does not have. A darker skin tone. These ladies are proof that the desire to rock blonde hair has nothing to do with race or eye color. It is more to do with attitude and personal preference. That's all.