Reading Rohit Bhargava's Book which includes the five behaviors of great Trend Curators and the process (Haystack Method) he uses to develop his annual Trend Reports, has confirmed many of the behaviors I practice everyday. In fact, his tips on filtering out the noise cautions against what he calls Brainless Media, as a Blogger I do that all the time. Napoleon Hill mentioned negative self talk as destructive thought impulses, in his book called Think And Grow Rich, so I'm assuming that Bhargava wants to help us avoid taking in any ideas that may deter our ability to see the non obvious and curate trends that actually come true.

While attending Sidney N. Collier, a Technical College, in New Orleans, Professor Wilburn, a Nursing Instructor, lectured on how to be a successful Nursing Student and also build good study habits. In the lecture, she talked about how we would be consuming lots of information as we continued to pursue higher education and how our responsibility was to determine what information was pertinent. She reminded us about short and long term memory and cautioned us to recognize what information needed to be discarded (noise) so that we could be successful students. I never forgot that and Rohit Bhargava helped to refresh that information.

Filtering out the noise is important because doing so can help us to think more clearly and avoid situations where we are preoccupied with any particular thought (Being Fickle). My background in Grocery, Cosmetics, the Medical Field and more recently Technology and the Digital Space has made me more mindful and more productive as I complete task. The advise of Rohit Bhargava and my dear Professor Wilburn is something that can help you to filter out the noise too.

The video featured above was created by The Personal Care Product Council. It is a reminder, to all Professionals and consumers using products and those working in the Beauty Sector, of the inspection process our favorite products has gone through before they ever reach marketing channels of distribution. All we have to do is forget the myths and focus on the facts.  The video clearly helps us to filter out the noise.  I feel safer already; what about you?

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