Okay, so purple seems to be the color of the moment and Abornewords is on board with the hue, totally. 1 + 1 is 2 in song but fashion it equals so much more. Mounting choices of beauty products and Oprah's May Cover on Oprah Magazine are making it add up to royalty status. A Nicole Miller Dresses are selling out in the color and we know why. It's all for the love of purple! Check out O Magazine's May Cover.

Wearing a Vicky Tiel Gown and  Jessica Simpson Heels, Oprah is splattered over the cover of her O Magazine, looking young, fresh, and ready. Ready for what you ask? Ready for the camera and ready for the happiness of a future only guided by God Love. Anyone who can devote so much of her time and career to the improvement of humankind, has to be in touch with the love offered to us by a higher power. The Own Mogul is proving that she's loving the skin she's in with her confident poses and voluminous hair charm working the camera from every angle. Here's are some of our showing of different shades of purple. Get your eyes ready to have fun with our fav 5's!

Photo Credit: Fabmagaineonline