We first learned about Marchesa from the collaboration with Revlon.  It gets more interesting when you watch their lace-filled Spring Summer Collection.  Then, all the pieces seem to come together.

Your love for a brand connects your emotions to wardrobe. The Marchesa Brands vision is to use their fragrance to create a fantasy and desire for the dress (Marchesa Fashion).

Your style, the way you feel, and the way you smell, are a form of expression. The connection you have with the Marchesa brand, now extends far enough to intertwine with fragrance.

Karen Craig & Georgina Chapman are exposing brand fans to a different type of fantasy. Instead of connecting the dress with meeting Mr. Right. They are turning the heads of the ladies to more pieces of the Marchesa puzzle.

The need to feel like a complete package can now be achieved with any Marchesa purchase. Even something as simple and affordable as a fragrance will lead you into your own brand fantasy. Marchesa can be purchased at Sephora.

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