The future Mrs. Jones has our back and this is the scoop and features and benefits, according to, well us and whoever is on this Hampton Sun Ride with La Roche wearing shades! In beauty being on the right side of the white picket fence means you've found the right products that work for your skin type, your lifestyle, and your in season.

After all, you don't need to turn on central heat in the hot summer months. That's why when the first signs of spring hint, you start sandal shopping for the latest Clarks and pull out your summer sundresses. Chrissy Lampkin and I say that with triple affection, shares Instagram Photos every now and then to keep fans afloat on her business moves, personal style, and beauty choices and such. She has a body I admire and Lady Vamp looks just gorg whenever she is photographed. Mrs. Jones shared her favorite must haves for summer recently and we could not wait to share them with you.

Hampton Sun & La Roche are her cant live without it products. I guess these are a couple of things other than her bright red lipstick that we can expect to find in her beach bag, along with her iPod filled with Jim Jones Music. Anywho, here are some of the features and product benefits below for Hampton Sun. The name sounds just sounds like money!

Features ---------- Benefits

  • SPF 30 ------- protects skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun
  • Hypoallergenic ------- less likely to contain ingredients that cause allergic reactions
  • antioxidants ----------reduces premature signs of aging 
  • walnut oils ----------- helps fine lines disappear
  • aloe vera ------------- moisturizes, soothes, and revives skin

Just a peep at Chrissy's fabulousness below! Nice outfit right?