The Python Vulcano Nail Colour Coffret

Working in the Medical Field with patients like working in Customer Service in Transactions, Nail Care is something that is important but for different reasons. When I was handling patients, I had to be concerned with the length and color of my nails because I never wanted to injure a patient because my nails where to long or have nail color peelings falling into my patients food or drink. In difference, working in Retail, it is more about beautification and even modeling the products I sell and functionality. If my nails are too long, handling products and opening boxes could be difficult, even for the most seasoned employee wearing nails and productivity could be compromised.

There are many ways to achieve bold and flashy looks these days.  The thing is, I like to keep it simple; wearing short, clean and evenly shaped nails with a subtle look.  Though my nails are not always perfect, to achieve a subtle look, I usually use French Manicure colors like Tokyo Pearl or colors that would help me to achieve a similar look.  The names usually matter to me too.  That's why I was so impressed with what Christian Louboutin is offering up for Spring.  The brand has managed to merge ideas from fashion and beauty with their Limited Edition of colors, naming two colors using shoe names.  The White Salonu color and the Hot Chick (yellow) color have shoes available in the same name. 
A look at the shoes

A "marriage of fashion and beauty" describes the Designers idea perfectly, making those connection is a way to highlight Nail Care as a vital part of style, from clothing to shoes. While their Louboutin Shoes are coveted, the Luxury Price Point is not something that everyone will be able to afford regularly. Since Louboutin Shoes are a splurge for many of us, the nail polishes and their artistic designed bottles and applicators are an ideal way to indulge in this Luxury Brand.

Our feet may have to wait a while for Louboutin Shoes but our adorned True Blue (the third color in this Limited Edition) nails will keep us occupied, until our feet catch up! There is nothing like the feeling that goes along with doing something extra for ourselves so why not add on some Christian Louboutin Nail Color or bring it along to the Spa and let someone else do it for us, huh?

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