The Selfie Stick make national news, appearing on Good Morning America as a nuber one pick for what some call original and practical gifts. Here is a video/image showing off the device.

Keep in mind that this is DIY (do it yourself) example from Kip Kay but you can actual Purchase Selfie Stick Online Here. There are quite a few of these available but I like the fact that Kip Kay demonstrates how to get it done, step by step. Did you see him at the beginning of the video, he was holding his pet cat and at the end he even features a shaving product. Pretty cool way to share informative content and make a product recommendation and remember the real benefit of the Selfie Stick is that it extends out to capture larger dimensions, showing off more of the background and more of our bodies too. After snapping our cameras in place, all we have to do is snap our pictures. It's Selfie's made easy.

Kip Kay's Video won me over because my Daddy can do stuff like that too.  Although, the Selfie Brush clearly outshines the Selfie Stick, they both are pretty useful, depending on where and when they are used.   Entertainment Website Global Grind even featured it on their Best Gift List this season. Since Global Grind is a premium website, it is not easy to get on one of their list. The Selfie Brush had already scored point with us, after it was featured in Beauty Packing Magazine. That's where I first noticed it, then I say it on the Best Gift List and knew I had to feature it on Abornewords. Women can get it for themselves but if guys decide to gift this item, females would be flabbergasted. I know I would not be able to find the words to describe my surprise and appreciation. Here is a very comical video from The Queen Latifah Show, offering a very comical demonstration, including Kim Whitley.

The Selfie Brush scores high points for being more practical and it's also easier to store. Drop it in your purse, tote bag, or Swiss Backpack and you are ready to look good and catch yourself on camera.

No matter which one you like best, the urge to photograph ourselves, keeps us snapping away the intimate details of our lives.