Traci Ellis Ross has had lots of success on screen. Perhaps she is best known for her role on Girlfriends, and having very successful careers in her casted roles. One thing is for sure, she is not living in anyones shadow. The Actress is expanding her powess in the digital space, as a voice on fashion and beauty, showing off lots of personality.

Having her own website has not stopped her from serving as Guest Editor on We have picked out 5 of her favorite beauty must haves and shared some thoughts from the actress to blend in with our own creative commentary. Clarisonic's Mia Sonic Cleansing Tool is a choice Ross wishes she had invented. The actress favors this more economically priced tool. Still there is plenty competition out there from brands like

Two Jurlique Products, a spritz made with rosewater and a Hand Cream are what Traci Ross chose as favorites. Not surprising, facial midst refresh the face and are great to use during warmer temperatures. When I was in college, I used these a lot. Freshening up makeup is so much easier a with these. An added benefit is, midst absorb into the skin quickly, no tissues are needed, and you feel a type of glamour that a sponge and compact can't give you alone. Many of my regular customers shopped Department Store makeup counters and I always recommended facial midst based on my own experience using them. Let me just say, there's no time like summer to purchase yours. I recommend Clinque Mositure Surge Face Spray. It's my absolute favorite.

Essie, a Beauty Insider Finalist this year, is the nail brand that made Ross' cut as a top product. Russian Roulette and Lollipop were two colors named specifically by the Reed Between The Lines Actress.

If Traci Ellis Ross were stranded on a desert Island based on her product favorites, we assume she would want to have a clean, fresh looking face with youthful hands, bold nails, and charming eyes, showing off her most distinguishing feature. Covergirl Lash Blast is how Ross would attract attention to her best feature.

Photo Credit: Beautydotcom