Tyra Banks is continuing to build her beauty empire with her Tyra Beauty Cosmetics Line and we can't help but admire her business mind and her smize. Look how her eyes seem to be speaking to us. Its a great photo and the perfect picture to use to tell you about a new free streaming service called Style Code. It's full of tips that will help us to look and feel our best and there is even news about people and products. In the first show, Willow Smith and her new role as Brand Ambassador for Chanel was something we found interesting, just like the nail polish ring. The ring makes it easier to polish nails on the go. What took the cake was the Morf Shirt and a promise of getting 24 different looks out of one shirt. Since I love lipstick, the Red Lipstick tip really made me want to recommend Sephora's Virtual Artist. I used it about a month ago to create a Visual Lipstick Gallery for myself to make shopping for lipstick at Sephora easier. No shade to Tyra Banks but we all need variety when it comes to beauty products. It shakes things up and keeps us looking fresh and sm also encourages innovation from brands so that they keep making the brands we love. Anyway here's an image of me wearing Rouge Cream Lipstick from The Sephora Collection and the price is right too.

Nicole Kim The Blogger Tries Out Sephora Virtual Artist

I pleased I discovered this valuable resource and it will undoubtedly make shopping at Sephora easier, less messy and I will save time. It's a win, win. That's all.