Many Celebrities find make it a point to continue to find new ways to connect with their fans. A very necessary task because maintaining their Celebrity is a full time job since competition is always a factor. Just think about all the new stars that lay claim to fame everyday. It's always about that next new spark and those on the come up. The strategy most Celebrities use is offering products or services or participating in philanthropic events that are in line with their beliefs. As a result they are able to maintain their wealth and also give back in some way.

Someone who is doing just that is Tyra Banks! With her entry into the Cosmetics Industry, she may have Supermodel Imani and many other brands a little worried. Getting a piece of the Market share in the Beauty Sector wont mean that any particular brand suffers too much, but whose profits will Tyra be cutting into? We can't tell you right now but I will say that I am willing to buy in, after seeing one of the commercials she starred in with some of her model pals, from Americas Next Top Model.

Take a look at how Tyra does cheeks

Maybe everyone will not want a Tyover (a Tyra Banks word for makeover using her cosmetics line), but the fact still remains that Banks changed the game with her Model Talent Competition, Americas Next Top Model.

She has always been vocal about modeling her own success after Former Talk Show Host Oprah Winfrey. This venture just might launch her into the Osphere!  

Imani, another Super Model, created her who Cosmetics Line, after feeling alienated by the lack of beauty products on the market, for women of color. Though Tyra Banks did not mention Imani in her Fast Company Interview,  we are assuming that Banks has likely done her homework and sized up her competition. Right now, Imani's accomplishments are definitely something to marvel at. She not only has Beauty Products to offer but Home Decor, and what she calls the perfect (jeans sold in HSN), claiming that they fit every woman perfectly. Banks may admire Imani but has decided to choose a different route than Imani, to sell her Cosmetics Products, opting for an Avon Model.  That means, no Walmart, Target, or Drugstores for Tyra.     

In her Fast Company Interview Banks called Walt Disney her hero. To prove how much she admires Walt Disney , the Harvard Business School Grad said she's reading "The Disney Way" for the second time. Tyra is convinced that most individuals are not aware that Walt Disney is a man. The belated creator of Disney Theme Parks ____ is pretty spectacular! The fact that Tyra is getting inspiration from The Disney Business Model proves she is expecting Tyra Cosmetics to take off and produce huge profits. There is nothing stopping Tyra from being a Cosmetics Mastermind and her status as Model & Chief on Americas Next Top Model will only help her continue to reach for even more stars. Tyra's goals are well within her reach so we cant wait for the Springtime Pre-launch Beautytainers to take on their positions. The full launch will happen later in 2015. For more details and to sign up for Tyra Mail, go here.

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