When it comes to Valentines Day Gift Giving, for those who are not thinking about putting a ring on it and making that the center of their gift giving love mood, there are endless options that can help make men and women feel loved and spoiled.

Who else is up for many days of self indulgence and care? If you are with me on this one, Juice Beauty provided me with quite a few ideas that keep on giving, beyond February 14th! Let's explore a few items from their Spa Collection which the brand claims will give you Spa Grade Exfoliation. Here are some Juice Beauty Recommendations worthy of your splurge spending dollars.


  • The Ylang Ylang Spa Indulgence
  • Ylang Ylang Spa Cleansing Bar Duo
  • Bamboo Cleansing Cloth Set
  • Organic Lip Moisturizer

The idea of this post is to give everyone a few more ideas on how to turn Valentines Day Gifts into gifts that keep on giving.

Do you believe that non consumable gifts make better gifts or would you prefer to have Chocolate Covered Fortune Cookies instead?

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