Talking about almsgiving is something that we always try to do here on Abornewords and it's something that I take pride in participating in. Many of you probably have your own reasons for getting involved in one way or another and I applaud you for your efforts. Sometimes apathy can set in and we end losing an opportunity to make a difference. Attending events or hosting them is a great way to create the the type of outreach that spreads like wild fire to bring in lots of donations in for a cause or particular charity. My former employer, Walgreens, is doing more than their share to make an impact in underserved communities with more than just their Get A Shot, Give a Shot Vaccinations which help prevent whooping coughs and meningitis.

Yes, lets rid the world of all of those gut wrenching coughs but the more from Walgreens happens to be amazing too and it includes brands from Unilever that I love, Suave and Caress. I have used Social Media and Abornewords to share my love for Suave Professionals Rosemary+Mint Shampoo and Conditioner and Caress' Love Forever Body Wash. With these two products I get hair that is super clean and a hygienic experience that upgrades my Caress before I dress, during the time of month when I need to feel fresher. Here's the best part! If you buy any one of these products or any products from these brands at Walgreens, you will be helping to provide 5 gallons of clean water to a family in need. To get involved and make a difference all you have to do is buy and Walgreens will make sure that the Me to We Foundation has what they need to put your dollars into action. I have already made my purchase. It's your turn. Buy your products before September 30, 2015. Hurry!

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