Since Summer is reallt considered to be out or on the way out for many of us and many retailers too, we are shifting your attention of a few products that you can use year round.

Yes, even though I'm living in Florida where cold days come far and in between all the hot days, Abornewords is trying to get on board with autumn & fall. Let's face it seasons have to change! When they do, we still can not help but squeeze in summer here in the Sunshine State! With Summer in mind, we want to show you some great products that are practical and good gift ideas that will work for birthdays, special holidays, and those times, when surprising a loved one just seems like the right thing to do!

Here's a few small appliances that made it to Best Buys Summer Moment Spotlight!

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Because we not only write to keep you informed, we have to entertain you too! A part of the way we do that here at Abornewords is to share a little personality in the way we deliver our content. Now we could just end this post without doing that but we won't.

If you have been reading Abornewords for some time now, you probable know that appliances were a big part of my household growing up. My Mother didn't mind buying and trying just about everything. If she was not going on Canal Street Shopping, she was getting them elsewhere. To bring these products to life in a new light for you, we will share some extra details captured from and a little extra.

The Breville Smart Oven has a broil function and a bake function, so you can cook a whole chicken or bake a bundt cake for you and your family. We are using a similar product in our home right now! These work just like an oven except on a more compact level. The Smart Oven Technology allows you to program settings used for your favorite foods. Another feature that we want to highlight is the auto eject rack, it promotes the safe removal of hot items.

The Euro-Pro Ninja Ultima holds up to 72 ounces, making it a perfect single serve products. Simplifying the clean up process is a concern for many cooks, this dishwasher safe design will make it a little easier for some foodies who love to through on their cook hat.

The Cuisinart Pro Classic is an exclusive product only available at Best Buy. Features like the chopping and mixing blades give you more variety as you prepare foods while the slicing discs and shredding disc are, you guessed it, made of stainless steel. I guess we can count on no rust and durability right?

The Hamilton Beach Set N Forget Slow Cooker is making me chuckle and my Mother will probably laugh when she read this, like many of you. My mother used slow cookers in our home sometimes. It was perfect for those times when she wanted to watch her stories (soaps) all day or talk on the phone and not be concerned about burning the food. When we got home from school the food was done. The concept didn't hit home until I was housekeeping myself and had to learn to use my time wisely while juggling a job and household duties. I'm sure many moms will appreciate this slow cooker. It even comes with a spoon that clips to the handle for easy transportation for potlucks.

The Oster Dura Ceramic Panini Maker & Grill is something that is a fun share. I talked about this in my latest song. You don't have to experience the extras of a LaQuinta Inn and their Continental Breakfast to appreciate a waffle maker. This one has a plastic handle, making opening it more comfortable. I hope you enjoyed this and pray you understand that having a variety of products in the house makes life a lot easier. Tag you're it!

*I am affiliated with Best Buy but shared these products and features without being asked or paid to do so