She's The Only One And You Can Be Too!

So you are wondering if lightening can stick twice because you think Melissa Etheridge's "I'm The Only One" Song, opened up the heavens for expressive love language? Well, I'm kind of with you on that feeling, mood, and wonder about, this new CD called, This Is Me. Since that song did do something for expressive love language and it had nothing to do with being the only person in your partners life, it just rekindled the feelings everyone has always had for Chaka Khan's Through The Fire. Now, we are not trying to make you choose besties but just giving you the juice on why Melissa Etheridges Song may have resonated with a lot of Music Lovers so deeply. Anyway, Best Buy is offering this wonderful coupon so that you can save and get that new Melissa Etheridge in your life. Remember, you can use the code, if you are shopping on line. Are you on that Melissa Etheridge? Do you have a favorite song? Tell us in the comment section after you check out her hoop on I'm The Only One!

Now Bang Bang that, all you stage performers!

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