Everywhere I look lately, I'm seeing buzz happening about Ford's 2015 Fusion + Hybrid Vehicle. Yes, I care about our environment too and feel a sense of happiness everytime I listen to someone express their own concern or see them put it into action by doing something to help contribute to making it better. I'm also proud to share the fact that my own Daddy participated in building Energy Efficient Cars when going green was not getting so much attention and at a time when it had not became a premise for a Political Platform.

Reducing car emissions is certainly a huge way to help our earth's ozone layer.

Like Ford's Hybrid, Toyota's Prius v is getting equal amounts of attention and ranked 1st in the station wagon class with it's fuel economy rating in 2013 and also earned the ASG (Automotive Science Group) Best All Around Performance Award.

Reducing car emissions is arguably one of the best ways to help our earth sustain its Ozone Layer.

Here's how Toyota is approaching the GHG (Green House Gas) Emissions Standards set into motion by President Obama and his Administration, requiring "Car Manufacturers to have established fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions standards" by 2025, for cars and light trucks.

"A fundamental step in the design of our vehicles is yokoten (sharing knowledge and lessons learned between vehicle development teams"

Executing yokoten along with other strategies that will make going green, through better fuel efficiency, a reality, is how Toyota intends to meet the required standards of The Environmental Protection Agency.

At Best Buy, one of our values is to learn from challenge and change! Today, I realized how amazing learning can be and how Toyota is helping to make meeting challenges easier for our Electronics Enterprise, totally by accident.

Because I'm so observant, I noticed while waiting on my Daddy to pick me up, Mike, a member of Best Buy's Management Team, assisting a customer with a 42" Insignia Television. The fact that technology has improved so much to allow for sleek and slim designs to become commonplace is beyond what I could have ever dreamed possible, during the 80's. At that time, I was still marveling over the proliferation of Color Television, on huge Tube Sets.

That's not what made up my amazing learning experience either. As I continued to look on, I noticed a slight pause in Mike's stride as he approached the vehicles opened back door with the television and assumed he was pondering how he would actually situate it into the car. The fascinating part of this whole ordeal was watching Mike and the client team up and meet the challenge of positioning the 42" Television in perfect position on the back floor of a Toyota Corolla Vehicle. Overall, I realized that I had learned to maneuver a television in the back of a Toyota Corolla and had also watched Mike, someone in leadership meet a challenge.

Our concern for a better environment is important to our earth's survival. New technology has also changed for the better over the years and Car Design and Technology Design are both changing the way we live and experience our technology.

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