As the spotlight shines on Sony's Attachable Lens Style Camera, for it's ability to attach to the Smartphone, there is still much to appreciate about Laptop Computers. Remember the days when, big bulky PC's were our everything and Laptops were not as widely used, by us regular folks. In fact, I remember marveling at Insurance Agents who often used them for record keeping and payments for their clients. They'd drive up in their nice Lincoln Car, park, and set their feet on the ground, as they carried a briefcase in one hand and a Laptop in the other. Back then, using devices on the go was not as popular for students and the working class as they are today.

The Wall Street Journal reported that more people in China go online using their mobile devices.  At least that's what China's Internet Network Information Center seemed to reveal, in a recent report. Of the 632 million Internet users in China, we can infer that out of  100%, there are only 17% using a PC or a Laptop Computer to access the Internet.

Though that number is very small in comparison to mobile users, Laptops can still satisfy a consumers need for a big screen. Accessing data and watching videos on a mobile device, can not replace the viewing experience consumers get ____ when viewing content on a larger screen.

Even if big screens are not making you scream from the roof tops or make plans for a Home Theater Purchase, Laptops should still give you a good reason to go wow! They are just useful in a way that PC's are not because they provide a PC feel without the bulk associated with a Desktop Computer.

According to PC World, Laptops fall into two categories, Consumer/Business. Toshiba's Satellite Laptop falls into the Consumer Machine Category like their Qosmio and Kirabook.

Do you prefer using a Laptop Computer or a mobile device to access the Internet? Before you share your thoughts in the comment section, check out the 20 seconds of Vine Video below showing off one of Sony's Attachable Lenses.

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