One of the trends discussed at last years National Retail Federation Expo was showrooming. Listed in Rohit Bhargava's new book, the trend is alive and well at Best Buy, in both directions. You can see what you are buying, get ideas on how your appliance(s) will look in your home, and buy online, if you choose to do so.

The remodeling took some time and patience from our clients; we got through all the sawing, drilling, and painting and by the time it was done, our Showroom Floor sparkled with lots of shining Luxury Appliances.

If you have been in to your local Best Buy Store, you have probably seen a beautiful vision of our Showroom Floor. It is showing off lots of luxury too, Bosch and other Luxury Appliance Brands from Pacific Kithcen & Home.

Bosch is all about European Designs! The shiny, sterling silver offers a trend of its own too. I will never forget; when I was growing up, my Mother wanted her appliances to match and usually they did. At least, all of them expect the stove. Matching appliances is usually the best approach to use when your goal is to create a seamless blending effect, in your kitchen.

The Bosch Brand has so much to offer but today we will focus on the brands dishwashers and the new RackMatic ™ Feature. The quietness of Bosch Dishwashers is a feature that anyone who has heard a noisy dishwasher will appreciate. Besides being extremely quiet during operation, Bosch promises quality and efficiency. There are many choices showing aesthetic design in the small details. For instance, the handle details can totally change the look of your dishwasher.

Handle styles

  • Recessed Handle
  • Custom Handle
  • Bar Handle
  • Flush Handle

Making a major purchase is something that can be even more fun when you know what to look for. Sometimes, the small details like handles can make all the difference too. The handles are not the best features of Bosch Luxury Dishwashers either. The new Rack Matic System ™ offers 3 different heights and 9 positions, along with a removable silverware basket which can be placed anywhere in the dishwasher. The racks can also accommodate mixed dish loads, so you do not have to be selective about the way you arrange your dishes.

I was blessed with the convenience of using a dishwasher when I rented a Townhouse, in a suburban neighborhood, outside of the city of New Orleans. Though I rarely used it, when I did, I always arranged the pots at the bottom. With Bosch, being able to mix up dishwasher loads can be more convenient and would likely help with efficiency during the cleaning process. You don't have to do the dishes, Bosch Dishwasher will do them for you!

If you would like to see what Bosch has to offer, visit our Showroom Floor(s), at Best Buy and sit down with an Appliance Specialist for a personal consultation. Remember, purchasing a suite of 3 or more appliances is the best deal. You'll save up to $680 by purchasing a Bosch Kitchen Package. This offer will run until April 25th. The Showrooming Trend is changing the way we shop, no matter how we choose to buy, in reverse or otherwise.

Melbourne Shoppers, when you come in to shop or browse, look for me at the front lanes and say hi before you leave. I won't be wearing my little hair net though, look for my Blue Shirt and ombre blonde hair!

I really enjoyed sharing this Bosch Product Blast! We have Territory Manager Brandon Uhler to thank for keeping us informed with all the wonderful information about Bosch Home Appliances. We hope you enjoyed this too. Tell us all about your favorite appliances or just put your favorite Bosch Products on your Best Buy Wish List

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