I could tell you that you could save up to ten dollars on popular game titles like Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare or that House of Cards Actor Kevin Spacey is the face of the popular video game and that is all true.

What I want to tell you most is that Call Of Duty offers Gamers a chance to experience leadership in a highly interactive and adventurous game and Mountain Dew is asking everyone to "Fuel Up For Battle", making Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare a little more grand.

Before I let you in on a few of the games highlights, Check out this cool pic of Actor Kevin Spacey with his dog named Mini and another pic which ended up being a part of Mountain Dews Campaign promoting the Military Themed game.

Getting on board with Call Of Duty may not have happend for you during the holiday season. Never fear, there is still time to lead the largest Private Military Corporation and deploy troops to support military operations.

The only thing is the decisions of Call Of Duty Gamers will be based on the amount of money coming from the highest bidder.

With current upgrades, soldiers become more advanced and Gamers get to use new technology and battle using cooler vehicles. Hey, Call Of Duty proves that the power of the upgrade is real.

It's really like being in control of a red button.

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