A Clickin Dad, Musician/Actor Lenny Kravitz on the Red Carpet Holding a Camera

You don't need to be a professional Photographer to love taking photos! Just ask Kim Kardashian or ponder at how she used her selfies to create a coffee table book that sells for about $60. A new website (clickinmoms.com) will help shed some light on the tough and troubling issues we all have encountered on our quest to photo up right. Though the site has lots to offer for Professional Photographers, there is also lots for amateur clickers like you and me who like to share various aspects of our lives. As someone who works in Retail Environments, I find this site to be very fruitful so I must partake!

Membership will cost $60 a year which is really only about $5 a month. I like the Blogs and the Product Blog is very informative, especially for sales representatives and those of you who are interested staying on top of trends in Digital Imaging. There's information on cameras and accessories that will help you do the most with all your favorite images. The sites CEO, Sarah Wilkerson is actually a Photographer, who has an additional resource out called Capture the Moment. It contains techniques, tips, and creative exercises, compiled collectively. What makes it even more special is that images in the guide were even taken by 100 female members of the Clickin Mom Community. The Product Blog is actually quickly becoming my favorite; amid the shares of family vacations, bonds between siblings, movie nights and movie night love, I get little nuggets(beneficial information/something extra) like what I read about the Sigma 50mm Art Lens(great for use in low light) which Adelle Neuber thinks is absolutely awesome! I learned a little something about the types of cameras we offer at Best Buy and satisfying a clients needs means being aware of the basics. For more professional shots which capture light and give you more control, DSLR (Digital Sensor Light Reflecting) Cameras with lenses are a great choice. Making the proper recommendations can make all the difference when a client is indecisive about making a purchase in the Digital Imaging Department.

I hope you enjoyed the nuggets I dropped in this post and that you learned about resources that will help you to take better pictures. Photographers, Moms, Sales Representatives, those of you working in Retail, and everyone else, check out Clickinmoms and consider membership for yourself, your family and your friends.

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