Tech is not only big when new products hit the market, it's big all the time! It would be ideal if every time new products were released, we all went out at the same time and made purchases immediately. However, usually it does not happen that way. We don't all adopt technology trends at the same time. Everyone is not going to find it necessary to jump on a trend immediately or necessarily have the resources to do so.

What will remain unchanged is consistent competition, as long as brands continue to innovate. Retailers will continue to compete for exclusive access to coveted products, in order to win consumer dollars and a larger sector of market share(s).

As Outterbox and Lifeproof sales continue to rise in the accessory category, Best Buy's Insignia Brand is meeting innovation needs by offering variety, in various product categories.

When the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were released, Dynex Cases were already available. The new Kate Spade Collection may be fabulous and exclusive to Best Buy but the Modal Brand is super fabulous too. In fact, young women seem to love all the shiny designs the best. I guess it's about being noticed or something. They are designed to attract the likes of a more youthful target market, those that are tech savvy though. It's the perfect brand to compete with Kate Spades new collection.

Need a power charger to go along with your mobile device? Look no further than Best Buys Rocketfish Brand! When it's time to buy something other than the latest phone, Best Buy has the accessories you need, to make your devices look great, stay protected and stay powered up.

Don't worry about the name calling that usually happens in the community among those who don't understand why you like to match your accessories with your outfit or shoes. It's high time that we all focused on what is best for us, in the popular category. Let's just try our best to forget about who approves. Rocketfish, Dynex, Platinum, and Modal are all available at Best Buy.

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