The new year is a time for starting fresh and new beginnings don't always involve losing weight, your new beginning may be starting a family or getting married.

Any one of those alternatives to weight management could mean changes are on the rise. I'm excited for all of you who are thinking about a new beginning with a significant other. Sealing your union in marriage involves a lot of things and planning is essential if you want your wedding festivities to be memorable and perfect.

To help you get it right, my eagerness will not let me keep our latest launch a secret any longer. We have launched a Wedding Registry and would like to invite you to take advantage of sharing this with your readers. If you are a Wedding Blogger and would like to participate in this opportunity, please register with our Best Buy Blogger Platform. Registering does not guarantee that you will be chosen for this opportunity but you will be notified of opportunities at regular intervals.  Good Luck and don't forget to celebrate Valentines Day with love.

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