You: My Best Buy Membership Status Has Changed To Elite Status!

Earbuds Available at Best Buy (Great Bargain For Elite and Elite Plus My Best Buy Members) by abornewordsnkp on

Before the details of quite a few reasons why you should take advantage of your Elite Status are revealed, read this!

Wherever your weird obsession lives, we are hoping we are there with you, every time we share each and every Blog Post on Abornewords. Our interest and inspiration may be a little off radar at times. Yet and still, at Abornewords our goal is to ensure that you find value in the content we share.

Today we are sharing something that you, as My Best Buy Elite or Elite Plus Member, can take advantage of! Despite our Low Price Guarantee which allows us to match prices of local retailers, and all major online retailers like Staples, Office Depot, Radio Shack, and Sears, (to name a few) there are still online values located on that you do not want to miss! Right now, there is a clearance sale on earbuds from quite a few major brands. Koss, Hello Kitty, Paul Frank, Skull Candy, and Sony. With price markdowns of up to 50% off, how could you resist?

Since My Best Buy Elite and Elite Plus Members get free shipping with no minimum purchasing requirements, it's a great time to bargain shop. Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries or maybe it's some other date that you made special. Take advantage of these earbud deals!  They go well in goody bags and are something really practical and compatible with most devices.

If you are not signed up for our Customer Loyalty Program, you can sign up now! Once you do, you will be on your way to acheiving Elite Status!

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