Life is good and as a brand LG is about more than televisions and mobile devices. LG's G4 Phone did make me look twice though. Yes, I did a double take because the size instantly reminded me of the Samsung Galaxy (any number will do).

Thinking about phones. computers and all the techie stuff can sometimes make me feel like I am entering another universe or something. Those shooting for the stars feelings are the very reason why I am thankful to be a part of the Best Buy Team. Blue Devils Rock but we could not do it without Geek Squad and the rest of our team. Phones, tablets, cameras, and Blue Label Computers are a large part of what we have to offer. The wifi technology that can help monitor your homes and businesses is becoming more in demand these days and that fact makes the days of yesteryear, when the bulky camcorder type monitors were popular, seem ancient and in need of extinction. We have so much to off at Best Buy. I realize that I have thrown so many product thoughts around in this post and for good reason. Still, lets not forget about all the wonderful large appliances on our showroom floor or more clearly those that are a part of our inventory selection. We can order whatever you like!

In the video above, it's all about LG Turbo Washer and Dryer, for those of you who are ready for a posh upgrade. Although, for every Mom who has ever bought a cake or pie and pretended to bake it, watching may be a little to much to handle, especially since we all work so hard to keep our families and households running expeditiously. Don't worry ladies, our gigs are not up just yet.

Even if we don't want to let guys in on all of our secrets, telling them how good our appliances are working could only help us to get more posh possessions. After all, a posh lifestyle would not be complete, without at least, a few luxurious home appliances. That is the reason we felt compelled to show you this very brief commercial. It aired almost 2000 times, so if you missed it, now you are certainly in the know. Here, for more direction, just in case you still do not get it.

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