Today the flow of technology streams from one product to the next almost without missing a beat. The next new thing, the biggest screen, the loudest speakers, the most expensive and the most complicated is what keeps competitive demand at its peak!

Brand creators are always trying to innovate, offer new items to their customer base and Retailers are always competing for the exclusive so that they are first to execute innovation and capture specific target market groups and outperform their competition.

Recently, we embarked on a new project at Best Buy and after all the banging, long hours and overnight contractors were done, we ended up with a Showroom Floor full of Luxury Brands.

The displays are eye-catching to say the least and are designed to give our clients a real life experience of how these brands will look in their home or business.

Beneath the hanging sign reading Pacific Kitchen & Home and the Brand Names painted on our walls, there is something for everyone to marvel at! The shiny wooden cabinetry and glittering counter tops give you a real look into what Luxury really can mean, once you upgrade. Viking Stoves that require reporting because they are above the $10,000 price point are just part of the icing available to Chefs, Dads and Moms who know their way around the kitchen. Though the cabinets and countertops are just our way of creating a memorable Flagship Shopping Experience, our Luxury Brands are really something to see!

Take A Look At Best Buy Luxury

Best Buy Luxury Preview

The Best Buy in your area may not look exactly like ours but drop by to see what's new and check out the Luxury Brands. Even more, our Employee Hub as also upgraded with new cabinetry and a new refrigerator that is frequently stocked with lots of goodies. Work can be fun and rewarding with so many great products in the atmosphere.

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