Are you up for a little magic, mischief, bravery, and wickedness? The art of play is in full forcde with games for many of your favorite consoles scheduled for release in the coming months! Yes. Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heros (2.0 Edition) is scheduled for release on September 23rd. The Guardian of The Galaxy Movie is exciting anticipation for rocket's many forms of trickery and action in game play. Gamers are sure to receive a lot of the unexpected. Rocket and his Guardian of The Galaxy Pals set out to protect a stolen "powerful cosmic object".

Best Buy recently twitted a few game titles that you can add to your collection. These titles caught our eye because they sound so enticing and intriguing. Check them out below.

These titles are sure to satisfy your need for speed, underworld scariness, and energetic activity. During my youth, my Brothers and I looked forward to sweeping up in my Daddy's Barbershop, after closing time. Though, we got an allowance every week, the sweeper got an extra 5 dollars of so. The experience taught me the value of earning my own money.

Game play is a great way to offer positive reinforcement to youth. Just like an allowance or television time, game time can give children something to look forward to after they have achieved a goal or completed a task.

At Best Buy, we Ignite The Possible by offering our customers (gamers included) a Trade In Program. Though, we accept all types of electronics, games, controllers, and consoles are also accepted. Game Stop is no longer the only place to bring your trade in's! You can go in to your local Best Buy and not only trade in games but be surrounded by the latest technology. Why not have the option to buy more than games with the Gift Card you receive from your trade ins? As the largest Multi Channel Electronics Establishement, we are committed to offering you Low Prices (Our Low Price Guarantee) and our Trade In Program is a key differentiator (makes us different from our competitors) helping to make low prices a reality.

Remember, to bring in your games, controllers, and consoles when you are ready for an upgrade or some other new technology.

Batman Arkham Knight is scheduled for release sometime in 2015 for PS4, XBox One, and PC's. To Pre Order, the September release of Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heros 2.0 Edition, go here

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