As we raise our children, naturally we want to protect them from hurt and harm and also encourage some moral code of conduct. By default, we try to control what our kids are exposed too, by leading by example, providing them with things we believe are age appropriate. Sometimes we might have to become household police and be accused of invading the privacy of our youngsters. Still, our responsibility does not change.

Leading by example also means controlling what we say and do, to some extent. It's a well known fact that we observe a federal required rating system standard for the movies we watch everyday. The ratings help us choose the right movies when we make purchases and also when we go to the Movie Theater. Seeing an R or X rating letter, instantly alerts us that the content was created for adults.

Like movies. Video Game Software created for gaming consoles like PS4, XBox 360, Wii. and even the Nintendo DS handheld devices (to name a few), adhere to a Rating System too!

Here are the Rating Categories that parents often use to make informed entertainment purchases before buying gaming software.

  • C ----------------  Early Childhood
  • E ----------------  Everyone
  • E 10+ ----------  Everyone 10+
  • T ----------------  Teen
  • M ---------------  Mature
  • A ----------------  Adult Only

There are also Content Descriptors and Interactive Elements. As a Best Buy Employee, I am required to adhere to ESRB (Electronic Software Rating Board Standards) everyday while interacting with consumers.

The debate over the pros and cons of Video Games will likely continue until the end of time. Debates or not, numbers don't lie and here's what one study reported by Palo Alto Medical Foundation  revealed:

Today 97% of teens in the U.S. play video games, and sales of games are growing. The domestic video game industry brings in nearly $12 billion a year.

What we can find a sense of satisfaction in, as parents, is the fact that the Electronic Software Rating Board has standards in place, to help us choose what is age appropriate for our children. Take a look at an example of Gaming Software marked with appropriate letters to identify specific ES Ratings.  These titles are now available for sale.

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