It's a sight for sore eyes and certainly an earful of information to talk about! Okay I'll admit it, this is something to brag about, if you are one to get into talking about all the toys you have. This may not be a toy but this vacuum cleaner is designed to make it much easier to do the cleaning dance with your feet propped up. In my fathers house there was always carpet someplace, something soft to walk on. And I appreciated that when I was growing up and even as an adult. The Dirt Devil Vacuum is the vacuum of the hour in my Daddy's House! It does not require a bag which seems pretty cool because for so long there was the need to purchase vacuum cleaner bags. The economical benefit is that he saves money on bags.

However, after seeing the Dyson and iRobot and reading about what they could do for a cleaning routine, I had to feature one of them. I decided on the iRobot since all the hoopla was in the air about the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. iRobot Roombas seem to be making quite a few competitors eat their dust.

Roombas are designed to remove dirt, dust, pet hair and other debris on their own. You can prop your feet up and let the iAdapt Responsive Navigation Technology help to get the job done in your home. It sounds easy as 1, 2, 3 right?

The very compact design makes it easier to get under and around furniture, according to the specifications and that's without requiring you to move it first! Wanna Roomba? Maybe you're not ready to bite the bullet and invest just yet. You still need to know that The Economist called iRobot Roomba "the worlds most popular robot"! It seems for good reason too! Think about effortless cleaning that involves having your feet propped up and the television on, combined with the fact that you only have to make a few tweeks here and there to ensure it moves smoothly over carpet that is not exactly flat. That's a real easy to do thought. Here are a few features that stood out to me.

The Features

  • Automatic Docking & Recharging------------------------------------ Does all the hard work and frees up your time
  • Cleaning Preset Capability--------------------------------------------- Cleaning when it is convenient for you
  • Vacuum Bin---------------------------------------------------------------- No need for installing and reloading bags
  • Bin Indicator---------------------------------------------------------------- Informs you when bin is full and needs to be empted

Thinking in terms of the Airflow Accelerator, it is designed to pick up more debris from floor surfaces and that means lots of pet hair too.

Purchasing the iRobot does not mean you have to abandon your Dyson, Bissell, Hoover or Dirt Devil. iRobot is just a luxury item that will alleviate the need to use your upright vacuum everyday. One My Best Buy Elite Member said it helps her to do just that! Those who are ready to Roomba or those who think this would be a great luxury item to gift, will buy in on the iRobot eventually.  For the rest of you, there is always the Moon Metallic Hoover Floormate Cleaner.

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