For learning purposes only! This pic may look a little scary to the unaided eye. With no 3D glasses (lol) or some odd spin on these stinging little insects, all we really have to appreciate is the honey that somehow makes it into our pantries. There is something else besides BNicolDaReasons verge of scary to marvel at if you are in line for a good book though. Maybe you just want to take an imaginary ride for a bit. Well, whatever the case may be, I'm sure you will find this fascinating. A book has surfaced to provide something of a fun lesson for students, parents, or humans in general. Adults and children, please read on and be very excited! Author Laline Paull has penned a book that sort of hatches out the life cycle of bee's, putting them in character but making a service or Flora 717, a sterile worker bee, the leading character and center of productivity.

She's a worker who seems to be learning the ropes and enjoying her growth until she goes a little to far and clashes with the Queen! There are fertility police involved (also bees i'm assuming) and a list of spiritual order to help the Queen too. Flora 717 has to make choices that will affect the entire Bee Community and the excitement builds the story on a human note, even though humans do have a role in the book too.

Being fascinated by the review for this book makes me want to buy it, read it and pass it on to my Great Niece Jasmine.

The creative possibilities for this book are all too cool if you dare to think in terms of an animated feature film like Madagascar. There is an element of danger included so little boys and guys will most likely enjoy it also. Opponents of bees like crows, spiders, warp, and the likes of humans, all represent a threat to their existence.

If that is not enough, for me it started and ended with the ant and grasshopper story. All I could think of was how the analogy is used all the time to distinguish between hard working people and slackers! (Lol)

I hope you have some time, just over an hour for this. Get a load of this Author and a documentary on Bees that will reveal an Authors inspiration, a strange connection, and information on bee's that will entice you to buy this book. How creative! I'm inspired and in awe! Take a look