"Goodness is on the rise" is a quote from the book Legacy Of Extraordinary Leadership. The book is available on the Halal Marketing Enterprise Website. The Company has a mission similar to ours when it comes to creating brand awareness and much work goes into connecting people, products, and services. The Sharing The Legacy Campaign is currently taking center stage and so many creative authors are reaching out and making products available. Quotes like the one included above really represent hope. There are even deeper revelations and countless amounts of useful information shared by various Authors and Leaders who are sharing their ideological perspectives. Self Improvement and Economic Improvement and development are two topics discussed in the book. Many leaders use Self Improvement and Economic Improvement as a starting point of guidance for believers, when preparing sermons/attending meetings. Recently, I had an opportunity to chat with my Son Minister Phillips, a young Preacher who is being called to share his gifts at Churches throughout the community. My Son Minister Phillips serves as Associate Pastor under the guidance of Pastor Quinton P Woods at Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church.

As a result of the book called Legacy Of Extraordinary Leadership, we started to chat, pondering how Self Improvement can transition into Economic Improvement and Development. Through talking, we both gained plenty of insight, determining that once we start to think differently about our own lives and life in general, including the things happening around us socially, we can begin to focus on executing or putting Self Improvement into action. Prophet W.D. Mohammed was able to create his vision of what could manifest if we are able to transition Self Improvement into Economic Development, citing the creation of schools, businesses and places of worship as a true manifestation of the transition. Though his journey and methodical process may be different from John Robbins who would have been air to the Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream Throne, the point is to effect the transition.

Once we determine what we need to do to achieve/reach Self Improvement, then we must transition those thoughts into action, focusing on the economic aspect of what can be produced. Minister Phillips concluded that we (Black People) do not support each other enough, contributing our lack of support for each other and our endeavors to Slavery Days. When Phillips elaborated on how many of our ancestors often fought for positions in our Master's homes and general attention, it made a lot of sense. My Son, the Minister stated that until we start to support each other, we will not see the type of Economic Improvement that will allow us to manifest real property and wealth, equal to our potential as a people. It amazes me how our talk about this important transition from Self Improvement derived from a page in the book called Legacy Of Extraordinary Leadership. The book is not just for one faith, one religion, or one people, it's for anyone with an open mind, seeking to be more mindful, wiling to take what is useful to create and live a better life. That's all. Kudos...;