Geisha Lifestyles Can Be Interesting

What To Expect

  • an account of married life from the perspective of a wife and a husband
  • descriptive details describing everything from furniture to clothing
  • great narration for (BOT) Books on Tape Readers
  • uncomfortable discharges between couples and friends
  • non descriptive language about the main characters
  • A southern tone reminiscent of the Golden Girls personality Blanche Devereaux

What You Will Hope For

  • reconciliations
  • a romantic ending
  • more extravagance from Wesley

Martial Problems/Challenges Addressed

  • forgetting to be attentive
  • taking advantage of benefits of marriage
  • non appreciation
  • anger
  • wandering eyes
  • loss of emotional connection
  • loyalty

What You Will Take Away/Gain
  • An appreciation for loyalty
  • A respect for maturity and aging
  • New ideas on how to deal with your partner
  • An appreciation for friendships
  • An appreciation for  your children's accomplishments


I knew that The Last Original Wife was going to put wives in the spotlight and possibly on the hot seat after I had read the jacket of the CD casing. Therefore, I started hoping for reconciliations, if there was strife and a romantic ending that could make up for any uncomfortable discharges of anger, before I even started to engage the storyline completely.

The Author, Dorothea Benton, started off in an extremely descriptive mode, describing everything from furniture to clothing. The wording was elegant and sometimes overly extravagant and lacking of character descriptions of two of the main characters, Lesley and Wesley. Thank goodness though; it provided an opportunity for me to form my own picture of them in my head.

Robin Miles, the reader, who brought the story to life for me, did an extraordinary job with her tone throughout the novel, offering changes in pitch and tone to suit the various male and female characters. I wasn't disappointed by the southern tongue she used to detail all the craziness taking place between spouses and friends.

Husbands and wives were going about in their usual manner, to conveniently forgetting to be attentive to each other and all the benefits of married life. At critical points in the story, they truly missed out. Taking for granted things like companionship, conversation, dinner on the table, clean laundry and a well kept house, made things go downhill quick for some of their complex characters.

The fact that there was a lack of appreciation for what one or the other did, in Lesley's and Wesley's case, proved to be the starting point for a mounting disaster. Missed opportunities to pay attention and share intimacy through communication, only made work and other responsibilities seem more important than their own needs. That direction did give the Author something to build on, leading to the inclusion of a wonderful Therapist or two.

The importance of having a mediator of some type, when differences arise, is clearly something to appreciate. The Therapist served purpose well. A fun experience is to go through the process with the characters until all the dirty laundry has it's spot on the table and in a file someplace. For more Go here