Halal Marketing Enterprises LLC is all about connecting people, products and services and the brand is living up to its tagline in their latest venture called The Sharing The Legacy Campaign. My Daddy, Delacie Ummah Phillips, is helping to organize and promote the campaign and he was kind enough to sit down with me to answer 5 questions that truly define and explain Sharing The Legacy. Read our Q & A below to get more insight on the campaign.

Q. What is The Sharing The Legacy Campaign?

A. Sharing The Legacy is sharing the knowledge and materials that have been produced by Imam W D Mohammad and his students and followers over the past three decades that promotes and contributes to the development of healthy community life. The main focus is to sell 1 million books.

Q. What are your expectations for The Sharing The Legacy Campaign?

A. We expect to get the benefits and develp from the knowledge gained a plan to promote education, business, culture, and governance to contribute to the development of healthy community life.

Q. Which book will change lives more and why?

All of the books examine how life develops and grows naturally and how nature has served as a teacher for the development of life. That has happened in the past and will happen in the future. For example, nature teaches the human being how to manage life. The squirrel puts away nuts for the winter, people are inspired to do banking, we look at the birds flying and we build airplanes. These ideas were shared by W.D. Mohammad and other historic figures.

Q. Is Sharing The Legacy a part of a larger initiative?

A. Yes; the campaign has three focal points. First it was stimulated from a need to have our history recorded, documented, and preserved by us. We are an aging community and there was a concern that our contributions, vision and work to promote healthy community life would be lost to future generations. Secondly, we value our contribution to the development of healthy community life and want to reap the benefit economically to contribute toward a better future. The third focal point is, we want to use lessons learned, to chart a more positive course and build a model community, as an example and legacy for future generations.

Q. How do you plan to reach non readers?

A. We intend to use Social Media, networking person to person, and other sources to reach a diverse group. We want to reach a variety of age groups, who will recognize the value of what we are offering and join with us in building and "Sharing The Legacy".

The first book we are sharing here on Abornewords is called Diversity in Al-Islam. We are asking that you help us to kick off the campaign in a major way by making your purchase using the link below. If there is anyone that I want to emulate, it is my own Daddy. He serves on multiple committees and has lectured and spoken at numerous engagements and events in his lifetime. I am proud to be helping him and Halal Marketing Enterprises to share information about this very important campaign.