The CES (Consumer Electronics Show) always gets lots of attention and for good reason. Many of our favorite Superbrands, like Samsung and SMS Audio (Headphones), are using the platform to launch and sell their newest technology innovations.

Samsung is said to be over the moon about  Tizen Technology, even though their strategy is not focused on making to much of a dent in mobile services. The company is proceeding with plans to include the technology on televisions and has a vision to get consumers to buy in on Smart Homes, claiming the technology will help them muscle out their competition in Television Sector.

Since Android Owner Google is cutting into Samsungs profits, from Android Licensing Agreements, its no wonder Samsung is directing their path of success toward creating their own operating system. Tizen sounds like a good start. It looks like Samsung will not be left behind. The other amazing thing is how the (Tizen) technology from Samsung will sync and control other Samsung Appliances like washers, refrigerators and vacuum cleaners. You can read more about their plans here.

For SMS Audio, last year it was all about the introduction of limited edition colors and styles and Rapper 50 Cent is not only enthusiastic about showing off the Brand at the Consumer Electronics Show, he actually was able to enlist the help of quite a few high profile Celebs. Camelo Anthony and Boys 2 Men are a few Celebrity Brand Ambassadors helping to make the SMS Brand a little more desirable.

Other worthy buzz from the CES is coming from Automakers like Ford who has more than Sync 3 Technology to show off these days and Mercedes is wowing crowds too with driverless capability and their gesture reactive windows are taking center-stage.

Does that mean that Mercedes Car Owners will be able to control windows with body motions? We will just have to wait for the videos to start rolling out. We promise to share the videos with you once they become available. For now, we can assume that automation is going to help all of us enjoy our toys a little bit more. You can read more about Ford and Mercedes from Media Post here

Maserati Used Bowers & Wilkins To Outfit their Quattroporte Model's And You Can Too!

Though Maserati is has managed to turn quite a few heads by eliminating car mirrors and replacing them with cameras and display models, we are excited to share what the Italian Automaker did when they teamed up with Bowers & Wilkins, to upgrade the sound in their Quattroporte Models (featured in Best Buy's Magnolia Magazine).

Who doesn't want a banging sound system playing to the rhythm of their heartbeat as they cruise down the highway? I couldn't tell you because I always need music in my life. Turn the volume up and make sure it channels through clear, crisp and precisely while my favorite tunes play.

That is all I need to enjoy the ride and be in my vehicle zone. Sure the V8 Engine inside of Maserati's Quattroporte is something to roar engines about but a good sound system just finishes the interior and once the engine starts, windows up, heater/air on and I'm off to enjoy my favorite Artist. The audio system is said to produce an acoustic "experience that's just as rich and exciting" as the car itself.

Bowers & Wilkins Audio Systems are good for any car, even a Mercedes and certainly a Ford. You can read more about what Maserati is doing with cameras and displays here.

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